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Our Approach. Digital PR Campaigns.

Compelling online PR that does more than generate a buzz. It gets results.

We don’t differentiate between ‘digital’ and ‘traditional’ PR, all of our PR campaigns integrate seamlessly with your online activity. Which means that the campaign we create for you will be just as successful in the Daily Mail as it is on Buzzfeed.

We live in a world where every brand is shouting for the consumer’s attention and, as a result, struggling to get their voices heard. At Return on Digital, we believe that digital PR gives you another angle. Blended with more traditional offline PR activities, digital PR can produce extremely powerful results, helping you influence perception, drive conversation and improve sentiment around your brand online.

PR works alongside social media, SEO and outreach activity to build influence, brand awareness and ultimately, impact the bottom line.

Our talented, experienced, well connected team love creating engaging campaigns for our clients. They’re as comfortable on the phone pitching persuasively to journalists as they are tweeting with bloggers.

As with all our other services, the focus of our online PR activity for your brand is results. We deliver compelling, strategic PR campaigns with metrics and measurement. For more information about what we can do for you, let’s do what we do best – start a conversation.

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Online PR

Press Releases

Press Releases are the cornerstone of all PR Campaigns. They remain the best way to get your news out to the right people at the right time. But what’s a great piece of online coverage without a link? That’s where we’re different.

Online Coverage and Link Acquisition

Getting your press release featured isn’t everything. We specialise in getting the links back to your site to influence your search engine rankings. A link isn’t just a link though; we place your content and news where it will have the maximum opportunity to be seen as well as the highest impact on your domain authority.

Digital Stunts & Creative Campaigns

PR isn’t all press releases and events; it’s much more than that. We specialise in digital stunts and creating more engaging campaigns to give you the standout required to drive and shape conversation and influence the perception of your brand online.

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Want to talk about how online public relations could generate ROI for your business? Get in touch with our team for a chat.

Audience Research and Analysis

You’re not always talking to the people you think you are. Quite often, the audience you’d like and the audience you have are two different kinds of people. At Return On Digital we specialise in working out who these people are, finding the cross section and creating compelling PR strategies to satisfy the audience you have whilst building the audience you desire.

Reputation & Crisis Management

No one’s perfect. Accidents and crises happen. But when things go wrong, it’s imperative to know that you’ve got a good team behind you to put things right. We’re experienced at handling online crisis and reputational issues, remaining calm and objective in the face of adversity, helping to resolve situations to the satisfaction of you, your brand and your customers.

Influencer Outreach

If you can’t reach your audience, you can bet that someone, somewhere is. Engaging with those influencers who already have the ‘ear’ of your audience isn’t easy which is why you need to bring in experts to help facilitate and manage the conversation. The experts at Return on Digital.

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