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Our Approach. Email Marketing.

Email marketing that works. Engaging email marketing campaigns to increase the lifetime value of your customers

We can help you improve customer retention and loyalty by staying in touch with your customers via highly targeted and timely email campaigns. We use our blend of insight and experience to help you reach the right people with the right message at the right time. Encouraging them to buy from you, again and again and again.

Targeting is, of course, key. We use data to ensure we get your message to the right people. We do this not only by segmenting your email lists but by using the latest in behavioural retargeting techniques in order to maximise your conversion rates and therefore your return from email.

And of course we use our creative skills and experience to create highly engaging creative for the emails themselves. Fresh, relevant content delivered in an engaging and compelling way. Creating a digital experience that not only encourages and persuades users to like, to buy or to act, but to do so right away.

We believe there are three key words in digital marketing success – test, test, test. We can split test your email campaigns to explore which subject lines, calls to action and promotions are the most successful in increasing your return. Our detailed reports will then show you not only what device your email campaign was opened on, which browser and operating platform was used but, most importantly, how much return it generated.

In addition to the email campaigns themselves, we can also run creative prospect generation campaigns which allow you to build up highly targeted email lists from the people that want to buy your products.

Generating return from people who don’t even know you yet.

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