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Our Approach. Content Marketing

All your content is marketing. Our job is to make sure you get a return from it.

Every single piece of content you produce has the power to generate sales, build brand awareness and trust, educate your target audience, acquire links or simply create a positive feel-good user experience. But only if this content is relevant, compelling and delivered to your customers where they want it, at the time they want to consume it and in the best, most engaging form.

As a content marketing agency, we will work with you to understand your objectives and formulate a strategy that will deliver results. Using social listening tools and other data insights, we’ll assess the needs of your target audience, targeting what they like to share, who they’d like to share it with and what they are influenced by. We’ll scrutinise what your competitors are doing to see what’s working for them and, more importantly, how we can improve on it.

There’s more to content than the written word. Great content can come in a wide range of forms, from video, podcasts and webinars to infographics, white papers and interactive graphics. Anything that talks ‘to’ and not ‘at’ your customers. Anything that delivers useful, reliable, high quality and relevant information to customers, resulting in a positive user experience.

While our team of creative content experts will create the right form of content for you, our experienced outreach team will make sure it’s seen by the right people, in the right place and at the right time. Using a wide range of techniques including seeding by social media, paid media, press releases and influencer outreach. Whatever it takes.

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Content Marketing

Onsite and Offsite strategy

Without a well thought-out strategy your content marketing efforts will fail. Our experienced team of strategists will come up with a bespoke onsite and offsite content plan which will enable you to create content which resonates with your target audience and achieve your brand’s objectives.

Creative copywriting

Creating engaging copy isn’t easy. At Return on Digital we give you access to our network of specialist content writers who are experts at getting under the skin of your target audience to create copy that will engage, persuade and subsequently convert website visitors to buyers.

Creative campaigns

No matter what your campaign objective, from link acquisition, online coverage or referral traffic, you are going to need ideas. Especially these days where the average consumer is bombarded with hundreds if not thousands of marketing messages every day and you need more creative ways to cut through the noise. Our team of alternative thinkers will do exactly that, coming up with creative campaign ideas to get your brand seen and your message heard.

Video creation, video optimisation

Video is an exciting and engaging way to persuade visitors to stay on your website longer, not to mention to get them to convert. Video can also play a broader role, helping to get your brand talked about as a key part of a creative campaign.

We can help you not only create video content but optimise it so you benefit from the maximum traction from search engines via increased keyword reach and click-through rates.

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Influencer research/outreach

Not only do we know who influences your target audience, we also know how to talk to them. We use the latest tools to enable us to find the influencers, build the relationship and engage them with great content.

Paid content exposure

We know the best paid channels to gain optimal exposure for your brand’s creations, whether it be via highly targeted paid social media techniques or other paid sources which get the right eyeballs on your content.

Link Acquisition

Attracting high quality links to your website is the key to strengthening your domain and increasing search engine ranking potential. Our clever content and ideas based outreach campaigns attract not only the highest quality links available in your niche but the amount you need to leap above your competitors.


When it comes to reporting on your content marketing campaigns we’ll give you with all the data and information you need, not only to show you the success of the current campaign, but to give an insight into any areas we can possibly improve and make the results even better.

Audience research and analysis

It’s simple. Unless you know your audience and understand what makes them tick you will never be able to target them with relevant content. We use data analysis, social listening techniques and influencer research to get to know your audience, who influences them and the types of content they will share.

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