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Return is... helping Wonderbra achieve an uplift in sales and online presence

The Client

The Wonderbra brand needs little introduction. Perhaps the world's most famous lingerie brand, the product name has practically defined the category.

Despite being the brand leader in the women's lingerie industry, the market remains extremely competitive and with the launch of a new e-commerce website, the company were determined to support it with a complete digital marketing initiative.

The Challenge

Wonderbra challenged Return on Digital to achieve some quite aggressive sales and social media targets. Not only were we tasked to improve conversion rate and increase revenue from the new online store, but to grow social presence across both Facebook and Twitter. All the time working with 3rd parties to ensure content remained on-brand, and competing against recognised retailers selling Wonderbra products.

The Strategy

We knew that an aggressive sales drive required a combined strategy of Organic Search and Social Media based on an initial Paid Search initiative.

Our research into lucrative keywords enabled us to optimise pages for top converting paid search keywords, to encourage conversions from clickthroughs originating in organic search results.

Our Paid Search experts capitalised on the brand's already positive online press coverage by strategically placing display banners alongside Wonderbra articles. These showed to be a key source of revenue, whilst offering a cheaper conversion rate, helping to provider a bigger return for the client's budget.

Attention to detail and extensive experience within this area meant that our team quickly identified that paid adverts were receiving higher clickthroughs than their organic equivalent for branded terms. Through split testing and on-page alterations, we were able to encourage the clickthrough from organic listings, therefore reducing the Paid Search spend for the client without losing those all-important revenue generators.

Through Facebook and Twitter, our Social Media team adapted content to reflect the brand's personality and to promote products, competitions and newsletter subscriptions. All this served to increase their returning customer database with an additional 2,500 Facebook Likes and 2,700 Twitter followers.

The Return

910.6% increase in PPC revenue

9.2% increase in organic revenue

2.5k new Facebook Likes

238.7% increase in Twitter followers

966% increase in Retweets

1040% increase in mentions

3,048 web visits via social referral

163% increase in conversion rate

The Client's own words...

"Return on Digital are an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only for the amazing results achieved but also because you have such great people!"

Michaela Goldsmith,Brand Manager.

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