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Client Results.


Return is... a 193% increase in traffic to their website

The Client

The Chancellors brand is a group of leading estate agents, with around 50 branches across the UK. Although a well-established brand in their own right, Return on Digital was brought onboard to raise awareness of their individual local branches and to drive more traffic to the website.


  • Improve brand awareness
  • Increase relevant traffic to the Chancellors website
  • Ensure all branches appear in their respective local search results

The Challenge

  • Large number of branches needed to rank separately for
  • Time consuming process
  • Competitive industry to rank highly for

The Strategy

Return on Digital's Organic Search team quickly identified local search and on-site optimisation as priorities in the digital marketing strategy.

As a reputable estate agent, correctly optimising the local presence was paramount to ensure that Chancellors would appear in the organic results for location-specific consumers, aiming to ultimately push website traffic and enquiries.

Our experienced local search strategists were able to make appropriate Google Plus and external citation adjustments on behalf of each individual branch to accordingly heighten their significance to its corresponding area.

By utilizing this understanding of search behaviour with local intent, the team pressed to ensure that Chancellors had an excellent existence within the online local ecosystem, and modifications were made to external citation sites whereby the geographically-significant link profile could be enhanced. In addition, technical on-site amendments were implemented to boost the strength of locality and visibility of the individual Chancellors locations.

Due to the large scale nature of the brand, domain strengthening and crawl rate optimisation was also developed to improve the prominence of key pages, achieved through a robust backlink profile.

Working in tandem, these methods together with a keen understanding of local search resulted in the Chancellors brand improving over time in both the organic and map search results with a significant increase in website traffic over the project duration.

The Return

193% increase in traffic

Rankings improvement on Google across all agreed keywords

Priority local branches appearing in map results over competitors

The Client's own words...

"Return on Digital demonstrated their expertise by raising our profile for individual branches and helping us to build our brand as a whole. We were thrilled with the increase in traffic of 193%! The traffic they have helped to drive to our site is ideally targeted and we’ve been impressed with their understanding of search behaviour."

Robert Scott-Lee,

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