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Return is... A 256% increase in visits to Attitude Facebook page

The Client

Attitude Magazine is Europe’s no. 1 selling gay lifestyle magazine. The magazine is renowned for its style, wit and exclusive celebrity content. Some of the previous front cover stars include Health Ledger, Madonna and David Cameron. The magazine this year won the Men’s Magazine of the Year award, beating GQ & Men’s Health.


  • Increase Attitude’s presence & exposure within the social channels
  • Improve Attitudes following on Twitter and number of fans on Facebook
  • Raise awareness of the new iPad app and drive traffic to the App Store

The Challenge

  • Sourcing good quality relevant content for the campaign
  • Ensuring the brand values are considered at all times
  • Adhering to Facebook regulations for all Campaigns
  • Politically correct use of terminology for all content

The Strategy

Attitude Magazine appointed Return on Digital to manage a four month Social Media campaign as part of the launch of their new highly anticipated, interactive iPad app. The aim was to generate a buzz within the social channels for the app in order to drive app downloads, alongside improving the number of people interacting with the brand on both Facebook and Twitter.

The start of the project focused around creating bespoke landing pages on Attitude’s Facebook page, along with a custom Twitter background to raise awareness of the new iPad app. We created a custom tab within Facebook which allowed users to sign up to the Attitude Magazine newsletter through a subscription form. To gain maximum exposure for the new iPad app Facebook advertising was also utilised.

Return ticked many boxes in this social campaign, which included, but not limited to: sharing relevant content and engaged in conversations on a daily basis with Attitude’s core audience through both social media platforms; implemented and managed several creative strategies throughout the campaign, to help raise awareness of specific events such as World Aids Day; utilising competitions (for example our Christmas campaign) to not only help improve engagement but to also build a quality e-mail database, amongst other benefits.

The Return

3786 new likes on Facebook

5,500 new Twitter followers

Directed over 74,000 clicks from Twitter to the Attitude site in 1 month

Sent more than 1,000 visitors to the App Store

The Client's own words...

"The team immediately got the tone right, suggesting they’d done their homework and were keyed into what Attitude is all about. Our team felt confident that they could leave the social media elements of our brand for Return to get on with it. We’d be happy to recommend Return on Digital to others."

Colin Crummy,
Assistant Editor of Attitude Magazine

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