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Return is... driving sales from a new site in a competitive niche

The Client

ASSOS Official Factory Outlet is a global online retailer for branded high-end cycling attire. As you'd expect from an outlet, it specialises in discontinued lines from the ASSOS brand, offering cyclists the chance to buy authentic, original ASSOS products but at lower prices than those found on the high street.

The Challenge

With the impending launch of a new e-commerce site, Return on Digital were invited to create a three-pronged digital strategy to raise awareness of the ASSOS brand, increase traffic to the site and then maximise conversion from visitors whilst there.

The Strategy

The digital marketing strategy we proposed combined paid search, organic search, content marketing and social media.

Our Paid Search campaign was designed to establish the ASSOS brand effectively within this market whilst simultaneously giving the site a much needed initial boost of relevant traffic. Our Paid Search specialists achieved this using insight into converting keywords which were paramount for acquiring further traffic in the Organic Search part of our campaign.

Through a combined blend of content marketing and link acquisition activities from trusted sources, we were able to improve the online store's position in the organic search results, increase referral traffic and, most importantly, to build trust in the branded e-commerce site – the latter being of particular importance when you're selling stock that almost entirely consists of discontinued lines.

While we monitored and maintained the store's social media channels to gain insight into the audience, we also initiated Paid Social campaigns including Facebook advertising. By bringing the brand to the attention of cycling enthusiasts we saw a 20% increase in Facebook Likes and a 102% increase in conversions from social media.

As a result of this shared data through departments and an understanding of the target audience's purchasing behaviour, we were able to utilise converting keywords and drive an average of 120,000 daily visits to the ASSOS site at the height of the campaign.

The Return

626% return on investment

25% increase in website traffic within a week of launching website!

3% increase in revenue after one week

41% increase in traffic

33% increase in sales

Increased Google rankings, traffic and sales

The Client's own words...

"We have been working with Return on Digital for seven months during which time they have become a seamless extension of our team. The expertise that they provide is something we simply could not keep on top of in-house.

Return's focus on SEO and PPC leaves us free to concentrate on what we do best, critical now that the business is turning over three times more than the same period last year.

Guy has built a great team. Nothing is ever too much trouble, the results are tangible and proven which is the beauty of digital, and monthly account reports and reviews ensure that we remain on track to achieve our objectives."

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