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19th January 2011 |  Written by

What’s Your Favourite Cézanne?

If you don’t know already, I’m one for the Google Logos that randomly turn up on the search engine’s home page – so much so I do an archive to showcase all the ones that appear in the UK (globally, there are loads more).

Today’s offering celebrates the birthday of French artist Paul Cézanne, who is 127 today:

What's Your Favourite Cézanne?

Which prompted a cultural debate in our office about the works of the French artist (well, Phil said he’d done him in art at school).

In an attempt to demonstrate we do have some culture going on at Return On Digital, a few of us picked our favourite Cézanne numbers, because admittedly, he is pretty good – if you have a favourite painting, or indeed feel there are better post-impressionist painters out there, let us know:






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