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27th April 2011 |  Written by

The Royal Wedding – A marketer’s dream?

Whether you love it or hate it, you can’t get away from the fact that there is a royal wedding taking place on 29th April.  I’m sure when Will and Kate’s engagement was announced last year it immediately gave marketer’s an opportunity to use this to their advantage to advertise their product or service.

Now whether you think this is a good example of creative marketing or another example of everyone following suit and jumping on the bandwagon we have seen some interesting pieces of marketing.

After seeing this unusual application from Avira to advertise their latest ‘buy one get one free offer’ I decided to write this post:

On a much larger creative scale the marketing team at T-Mobile have created a Royal Wedding themed advert with their slogan- One’s life is for sharing!

Interesting use of the famous corgi’s for Freeview advertising their HD service:

And is it just coincidence that after the series of adverts from BT their latest advert is wedding themed?

From what I have seen over the past few weeks these examples barely touch the surface. In my opinion the adverts from T-Mobile and Freeview hit the nail on the head with two very engaging and creative adverts, however I think there are many out there that have lacked either creativity or budget and have just used the wedding as an opportunity to make an extra couple of quid!


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  1. I agree – the T-Mobile advert was great. All their campaigns have been really memorable recently.

    Whereas the BT series of adverts I find quite annoying.


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