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23rd September 2010 |  Written by

Social Media Issues On The Captain America Set

Being a film buff I was delighted to see that Manchester’s Northern Quarter was being used in the filming of the new Captain America film.  It’d also been previously used in the remake of Alfie due to the architecture in the area being reminiscent of various parts of New York.

I’d been keeping tabs on what had been going on via this great blog:

Which really does show how much effort and hard work has gone into transforming Dale Street into 1940’s Brooklyn.

So on lunch, a few of us went down to see what we could see of this set, I was hoping to maybe catch a glimpse of Tommy Lee Jones, Samuel L Jackson or Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith/Elrond) – however, filming has begun and our views were pretty limited:

Not too much to look at, as you can see.

However, we did have an interesting chat with a member of staff who was helping out with stewarding.   He was telling us that there’s around 900 people working on and around the set and the director, Joe Johnston (who did Honey I Shrunk The Kids, Jumanji and The Wolfman amongst others) had 2 people employed purely to check the Twitter and Facebook accounts of the 900 or so involved – they would be checking accounts every 20 minutes to make sure no one was spilling any footage or pictures etc online.

He also informed us that when the director found out that the video below had been filmed and put on YouTube, he was said to be livid that footage of his film was being leaked, which I suppose you would be had you spent $140M on one.  Still, whilst you can monitor your staff there’s nothing you can do about Joe Public, this was filmed from an office overlooking the set by @deltorro01

It does make you realise the ever increasing power of social media – once upon a time a sneak preview of a film in the form of a picture or two may have made its way into Empire or similar IF we were lucky, but now, we can get sets and shots out there in no time at all.  Personally I don’t know what the director is upset about, a car exploding in a film about Captain America will not come as a surprise to most.

Anyway, that’ll teach him for making The Rocketeer.

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  1. To be honest, there’s not a great deal revealed by that footage apart from – there will be a gunfight and an exploding car. You get that sort of tat in early trailers.

    If anything, the director should be excited that locals are creating positive buzz and excitement about his film, which can only be a good thing in the long run.

  2. I agree! Normally I wouldn’t watch a film like this at the cinema but now, after all these social media shenanigans, I will pay £10 to see it.

    Also, I shot the footage above and if the director wants me to take it down all he has to do is ask.

    Jumanji was good though.

  3. If it wasn’t for all the twitter hype non of us would have got to meet Bruce Willis.

    I liked The Rocketeer.

  4. I agree with Josh, any buzz is positive publicity and it’s not illegal to take photos or videos in public place.
    And what about the Daily Mail, BBC, and other papers that are covering it, are they going to get shirty about that.
    Pretty sure he doesn’t have two people checking Twitter/Facebook constantly.

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