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13th May 2008 |  Written by

SEO Company WMA gets a social slap!

While sharing yesterdays post with an online community, I broke a few social media etiquettes! We practice what we preach when it comes to content, and that is the art of leverage. When I write a blog post, I want to share the information with as many people as possible to build our brand, but I also want to share the content in places where I will get incoming links for our site.

A key web 2.0 property and one of my favourite sites is Google loves this site, indexing it at least once per hour, and from the research we have done, treats links from ecademy to a website as well trusted.

The issue with working with a community is that people are involved, and people have opinions!

I did a quick post promoting the article, but it came across a bit self promotional (I know, how terrible is that!)

So, some community posting tips!

1. When you want to post a link to something you have done, include an excerpt which still gives a little bit of value, and not just a click here link.
2. Watch for duplicate content – the blog post was only a little one, so I didn’t want to use the same content when promoting the article.
3. When you include another website in the post, make it a link not just www.

Stick to these rules and you should get a social slap!

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