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3rd June 2008 |  Written by

Google Sitemaps to help indexing

Today myself and my head of search Tim were meeting with one of our clients, discussing the virtues of having a Google site map.

Traditionally, the search engines find the pages on your website by following the links from one page to another, until the search engines finds all the pages and adds them to its index. This can sometimes be a bit hit and miss, especially if the links on the site have not been created correctly. In fact, incorrect link structure and implementation can stop indexing of anything more than the front page.

A solution to this is creating an xml site map which you submit to the search engines. A sitemap is basically a list of all the pages on the site, which the search engines can then read and check. It’s a good way of getting the pages indexed.

One of the checks you can run on your own site to see how well it is indexed is by typing the following search into Google

This will give you the pages within your site which have been indexed.

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