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26th August 2011 |  Written by

Checking Into Super 8 on Foursquare

Following on from my earlier post this week regarding checking into events and the footy match between Bolton and Man City, I can confirm that Cineword (and AMC, I checked) are set up to allow you to check into which film you’re going to see.

Went watching Super 8 last night, upon checking you can spot events by the option to select movies:

Clicking on the “20 movie here” then lists all the films showing and their times, clicking on a movie gives you a¬†brief¬†synopsis:

When you go to check in, you can either do a “standard” check in, or select one of the films on show:

The event is then tagged onto your check in so any stalkers know exactly where you are and what it is your doing:

With footy matches and movies checked into, the only one that remains is gigs, so will be interesting to see if any Manchester venues (from Club Academy to the MEN Arena) are set up in to allow event check ins.

Admittedly, it doesn’t actually do anything, other than enhance your check-in in a way that only foursquare fans will appreciate. I am sure over time it will be utilised in some positive way though right now it just seems a way of collecting marketing data.

As for the film, was good – reminded me of E.T. and The Goonies, if you’ve not seen it I’d recommend it.

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