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2nd September 2011 |  Written by

Adwords Top of Page Bid Estimator Tool

Yesterday Google announced the addition of a ‘Top of Page Bid Estimator’ tool for adwords to compliment the ‘Top vs. Side’ feature that we wrote about last week, which can be found here.

As it says in the title the new tool will give an estimate of what you need to bid for your ad to appear in the top positions, to make them more visible and get more clicks.

The official Google blog can be found here.

Although this can be a good tool when setting up a campaign Google can’t guarantee that you will appear in the top positions if your bid is higher than the estimated top page. This is because your ad position depends on other factors such as quality score, your CPC bid, your budget and account settings, and user and competing advertiser behaviour. This makes it very similar to the first page bid estimator which estimates what bid is required to appear on the first page.

It is also worth noting, as we mentioned last week, appearing in the top positions will nearly always get more traffic to your site, but better conversion rates/cost per conversion may be found when your ads appear in the side positions (read more here).

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