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Tom Everson

Paid Social Campaign Manager

Specialist Area: Social Media

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Seduce your Audience with Paid Social (or How to Date your Customers)
First, a confession: chances are your love life probably isn't going to go through the roof as a direct result of reading this blog (sorry). I'm basically going to tell you how you can take real-life dating advice, and use it to smash your social media campaigns.  
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How eCommerce Businesses Can Profit From the New Power Editor Update
Facebook's Power Editor has recently undergone some major updates, which you simply need to know about if you're using the social network as an advertising channel. So, what's changed?  
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6 Ways to Target Effectively on Facebook - The Beginners' Guide
As a business you need to find a way to pull the user's attention from browsing personal timelines in a non-intrusive manner. One of the best things about Facebook advertising is the ability to granularly target the people most likely to meet your intended objective, which also means less wastage (hurrah!).  
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