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Kayley Dempsey

Senior Digital Strategist

Specialist Area: Strategy

Kayley combines experience in communications and branding with a passion for data to gain insight into a customer journey. With a background spanning the full media mix including broadcast media, print and online, Kayley considers every touchpoint to get under the skin of the customer and understand the path to purchase. Working with the implementation teams, she makes sure that all activities work together seamlessly with a common purpose, and deliver measurable results.

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How to Benefit from Google's Calculated Metrics
Calculated metrics are the answer to what you didn't know you were missing in your analysis of Analytics data. Hidden away under the View column in the Admin panel of Analytics, you should see "Calculated Metrics" marked as still in beta.  
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Starting with the brief...
The success of a marketing campaign is often reliant on the brief. If you don't know what you're trying to achieve, or why you're trying to achieve it, recognising success will be impossible.  
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Camp Digital 2016: User Intents, not Users In Tents
Last week I attended Camp Digital, an annual UX conference taking place at Manchester Town Hall. The day covered a wide range of topics including psychology, conversion rate optimisation, design for children, stakeholder management and gamification.  
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