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Karen Clough

Content Campaign Manager

Specialist Area: Content

A trained journalist and former business magazine editor, Karen’s experience covers a vast range of niches and industries. Now Content Manager of Return on Digital, she oversees all creative content for our clients to ensure it reflects branding and speaks directly to those all-important customers, whether this is through website copy, video optimisation, interactive graphics or blog posts.

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Create Content That Converts with the New Google Analytics Search Console Tab
Google is not often one for dishing the dirt when it comes to algorithm updates, ranking signals or organic keyword data. In fact, as an organisation they keep their cards close to their chest, enlightening us only with their Google Guidelines.  
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An Introduction to the Buyer Journey for E-Commerce
There was a point, not all that long ago, where you could launch an e-commerce website and that was enough to make those precious sales. Your audience was poised to splash the cash, and you were ready and waiting to oblige.  
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The Visual Future of Facebook - Top Tips for your Business
Facebook have just held a press event announcing changes to their newsfeed. Here's what you need to know  
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