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Joseph Clark

Digital Designer

Specialist Area: Creative Content

Joseph is a multimedia creative who specialises in creating dynamic and striking work. His role is creating content and campaigns for our clients with the aim to design projects that turns heads. His skillset includes graphic design, illustration, motion graphics and website material. Before joining Return On Digital, Joseph worked freelance, completing projects for small to medium sized clients.

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Famous brand logos remade in Google's new design
Google revealed its new redesigned logo yesterday taking the brand's aesthetic in a more fun and bold direction. Their new typeface Product Sans looks good on both mobile and desktop and is a refreshing change to the old logo's sharp turns and edges.  
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How to Work Around Facebook's 20% Text Rule
The majority of Facebook users spend an average of 21 minutes a day on the site, while scrolling through a rough average of 200 friends. Your Facebook Advertising has to be quick to grab their attention, and swift delivering the details of why they should interact with you.  
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