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Guy Levine


Specialist Area: Strategy

Guy is the CEO and Founder of Return. He started his Internet career by founding an internet business at 17 and exiting 1 year later during the .com boom. He has not looked back since.

He has won industry accolades for campaigns he has worked on including the Big Chip’s and was named Entrepreneur of the Year. A speaker keynoting global conferences, and a regular in the press.

In his spare time, he can be found with his wife and two daughters, flying helicopters, riding bicycles and generally getting into mischief.


As a business speaker, Guy has had the privilege of sharing information across the globe on Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing. He is passionate about business and loves spending time with people on the same journey. 

Guy has spoken at events such as the CEO Forums China, Harvard Club New York, International Wine Association Italy, Internet World, Search Marketing Expo, Bacardi national conference and business groups such as Vistage, The Academy for Chief Executives and Elite Recruitment Network.

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13 Steps to Creating the Perfect Product Description for Fashion Ecommerce
Online fashion retailers spend a huge amount of time and resource to bring people to their website. But if your conversion rate is poor, a huge amount of users who do end up on your site will simply leave again without purchasing, and your efforts will have been in vain.  
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Brexit response: Vote spells a period of uncertainty for eCommerce
It's the morning the UK voted out of the EU. To be honest, this is not what I expected. We went to bed thinking this would be like any other day. The mood is strange, and no one seems quite sure what is going to happen next. We have at least two years of uncertainty in front of us, and let's be honest, no one like uncertainty. Now it's up to us, the entrepreneurs, to find the opportunities and weather the storm. But we are Great Britain, that's what we do, right?  
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Prolific North Live
Prolific North Live was a one day expo which included a top notch education programme and an exhibition space where some of the leading North West digital agencies showcased their work. We were exhibiting and met some fantastic companies; and with an hourly Return bingo session, a great day was had by all!  
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