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Dave Ashworth

Head Of Web Performance

Specialist Area: Technical SEO

Dave has been involved in digital since graduating from Sheffield Hallam University in with a 2:1 in Software Engineering.

He started out working in web development when Alta Vista was king and Google was barely out of nappies, but moved in the 'SEO' Arena in 2009.

In that time, 'SEO' has evolved considerably (or died depending on who you speak to) and his technical skills are now more important than ever as he heads up the Web Performance team, which carries out technical site audits, crawl rate optimisation, data analysis and ensures all client sites are tuned for optimal organic performance.

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How To Block Donald Trump Spam From Google Analytics
If you're reading this article, you have more than likely seen a spike in referral traffic to your site recently from sites such as, and - however, all is not what it seems and your site isn't as popular as you might think, this is just another example of ghost spam.  
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Google sending incorrect Property Health Warnings about robots.txt
If you have recently had a property health warning in Google Search Console (formerly known as Webmaster Tools), you may be concerned that your home page is being blocked by your robot.txt file, but don't worry it's probably not.  
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Does the NoIndex directive work in Robots.txt?
In late 2015, from seemingly out of nowhere there began discussions in the technical SEO-sphere around the use of a noindex directive within robots.txt in order to de-index content from your site.  
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