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18th July 2011 |  Written by

Twitter Reaches 200 Million Accounts & A New Tweets Per Second Record

Twitter has reached the 200 million accounts record, and to celebrate this an infographic has been created. It traces the history of the micro blogging site that has led to this incredible amount of users. Although it hasn’t quite reached Facebook’s 750 million users, it is on its way…

The power of Twitter has been experienced recently with some crediting it with the result of closing down the News of The World. It has only taken five years for them to reach this amount of members…and looks set to get even bigger. Along with reaching this milestone they also reached a new record amount of tweets per second, which occurred yesterday. This happened during the FIFA Women’s World Cup final between USA and Japan, where the all-time high of 7,196 tweets were sent per second at the end of the game. Seems a little strange how the Women’s World Cup Final created so much more exposure than the Men’s. The previous record of tweets per second was set during New Year’s Day this year in Japan, where 6,939 tweets per second. Looks like the Japanese enjoying tweeting, with all the top moments taking place around Japan. Below is the infographic to celebrate Twitter’s landmark:

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