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2nd June 2009 |  Written by

Reccomended books on Management

I asked a big question to the online world and got a big response. What books on management would you recommend?

Below is the list – thanks Facebook, Twitter and Linked in!

The Leadership Challenge,

Kouzes and Posner



First Break All the Rules

Buckingham and Coffman


The Goal

Eli Goldratt


Good to Great

Jim Collins



Jack Welch


5 Dysfunctions of a Team



Play To Win

Larry Wilson


Cracking The Personality Code

Dana and Ellen Borowka


The Great Game of Business

Jack Stack


Leadership: Thinking Being, Doing

Lee Thayer


Building the Awesome Organization

Katherine Catlin and Jana Matthews


The Effective Executive

Peter Drucker’s


Hug your People

Jack Mitchell


High Altitude Leadership,

Chris Werner and Don Schmincke


Fierce Conversations

Susan Scott


ruthless management

dan kennedy


Up the organisation

Robert Townsend



Ricardo Semler


“It’s a Zoo Around Here”: The New Rules for Better Communication

Nigel Risner


Five Star Service One Star Budget

Michael Heppell



Marcus Buckingham


Getting Things Done

David Allen

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