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11th February 2010 |  Written by

Random Goings On Caught On Google Maps

With the Google Street View Car now covering more and more of the globe’s streets, it is inevitable that more and more weird and wonderful images are going to be captured.  Some are clearly staged, but none the less most amusing, whilst others were more than likely not aware that they were going about their business with the Street View Car in close proximity.

First off, as reported on Boing Boing it would seem that the car incurred the wrath of two Norwegians sat on drive, head to toe in Scuba Gear:




Although quite clearly a set up, I’d like to think that this could be the beginning (if it’s not already begun) of a spate of Google Street View Setups, would definitely need to have a more catchy name though.  One that probably isn’t a set up is this bloke caught in Canada driving dressed in somewhat odd gear:


Maybe I play to many video games, but I can’t help thinking that one above is some sort of Mario Kart Wii Tribute to Dry Bowser, kart and all:

Finally, this bloke was caught literally with his pants down in the Finland, where fortunately it’s cold enough for this picture to remain unoffensive:


I feel an ongoing blog theme coming on, if you know of any other random Google Street View captures, post them below

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  1. Where can we find out when the StreetView car is passing in your own neighbourhood?

  2. Choose your country from the drop down on this page:


    Apparently it’s currently doing the rounds at:

    Bracknell Forest, Buckinghamshire, Bury, Calderdale, Gloucestershire, Hertfordshire, Kirklees, Leeds, London, Oldham, Rochdale, Salford, Slough, Surrey, Warrington, West Sussex, Windsor and Maidenhead, Worcestershire.

    So plenty round Manchester there, now we’ve just got to come up with an idea to rival the Norwegian scuba divers…

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