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18th November 2011 |  Written by

QR Codes To Be Shaved Into Footballer’s Heads

Following on from the news that Real Madrid are making the Berneabeu a more social media friendly stadium, players at Bromley FC are taking QR codes to the next level by shaving them onto the back of the heads for their FA Cup clash at Leyton Orient on Saturday.

The Metro reports that Wayne Rooney’s hairdresser (who obviously isn’t that busy these days) has been asked to shave the QR codes onto the players which when scanned will send smart phone users to the Betfair website!  I’d be amazed to see if this actually worked, or if it encourages a spate of mobile ready pitch invaders trying to get close enough for a scan – in any event, until Beckham gets a QR cut I can’t see them catching on:

Whilst on the subject of football adopting social media – it’s now not so uncommon for Twitter handles to be incorporated onto football shirts.

Valencia started the trend when, having no sponsor for the new season, decided to add the clubs official Twitter handle to the front of their shirts:

Then, Mexican Primera Division side Jaguares took the idea a step further by replacing player’s names with their twitter handles, along side their beer sponsors handle – and even chucked in the Twitter bird logo next to the number for good measure:

So where next for football and social media…?

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