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4th July 2008 |  Written by Guy Levine

Page Rank by a Manchester SEO – Hurry up!

Page Rank is really starting to get on my nerves! Does Google actually care about it anymore. It seems to be way out of date, and Google seem to be in no hurry to do anything about it.

As I’m writing this host, the king of Manchester’s seo scene, WMA’s Head of Search Tim will but ‘tutting’ away. He tells me page rank is not so important anymore, but I want that green bar on the Google tool bar to grow, and grow big time. You can imagine the conversation…”Tim, how long before we get a Pagerank of 7″…”Guy, go flying or something, I’m busy!”

So, what can we do about increasing our Pagerank? Who knows if it ever works, but if it did, here is what I would do!

1. Get a good link high up on the page from a website which has a high Pagerank its self. Pagerank is actually shared out between the links on a page, so the less links as the higher the link the better!
2. Make sure there are internal links within your site so Google can distribute the Pagerank of your site between the pages.

When it comes down to it, that about it. Incoming links, and good internal links – the rest is just waiting! This Manchester seo is not known for his patience!

Have a great weekend!

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  2. btw – you will know see that little Page Rank bar has finally started to fill up – wahey! Still looks to low for us – no pleasing some people!

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