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23rd July 2010 |  Written by

How to turn off Skype’s auto formatting of phone numbers

Anyone who has installed Skype may have noticed that it likes to format phone numbers it comes across on websites to allow you to call up with just one click:

All very useful but it can often mess with the design of a site, and is particularly annoying when admiring a new site design (though fortunately it doesn’t come into play on localhost).

It might seem trivial to some but it really bugs me, so if you wish to switch this off you need to disable the Skype add on that is installed on your browser.

Rather than spend 10 minutes messing around within the actual Skype application looking for an option that is not there, try the following:

Tools -> Add Ons -> Select Skype Add On from the list and disable

Internet Explorer
Tools -> Internet Options -> Programs -> Manage Add Ons -> Select Skype Add On from the list and disable

Your Comments

  1. I´ve found Skypes auto formatting incredibly useful at times, especially when circulating telephone numbers around a group of online friends.
    Thats said, your comments on turning it off are equally useful !! LOL

  2. Not sure how you mean exactly, when you say “circulating telephone numbers around a group of online friends” – care to expand? If I can find a use for the auto formatting, I’d be surprised.

  3. Thanks for this, I have been creating mail campaigns and it has been formatting the phone number so when i send the campaign the phone number appears twice, sometimes more so this was really helpful

  4. Also can use this tag in the head of your website if you are a webmaster to prevent skype from converting phone numbers.

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