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13th April 2010 |  Written by

How To Link Twitter To Your Facebook Status Updates

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It may seem like it should be straightforward enough to do… and it should be… and it is.  But the process of finding out how to actually do this took me the best part of 5 hours to piece all the various blogs on the subject until I found the definitive solution – so I’ve put this blog post together to serve as a one stop solution on how to get this most trivial of tasks working.

A client of ours has been using Facebook and social media marketing to promote their business and it’s proving to be a success – I’ve also introduced them to Twitter and found it was easier to link the two accounts so that performing an update in Twitter would then automatically update Facebook.

This works fine, except the client is firmly in the Facebook camp when it comes to social media and more out of habit than anything else is inclined to use this as opposed to Twitter.  As I integrate Twitter into their website as one way of keeping pages fresh with new content, I was eager for them to change their ways.

In the end I conceded defeat and found the following solution:

1. Get your Facebook Status RSS Feed.  This is done by logging in, clicking the notifications tab, right clicking the “Via RSS” feed and copying the link. (Click image for further detail)

1) Get your Facebook Status RSS Feed. This is done by logging in, clicking the notifications tab, right clicking the “Via RSS” feed and copying the link.

2. You will then have a link that provides you with the RSS feed for your notifications in the following format:[your_id]&viewer=[viewer_id]&key=[your_key]&format=rss20

3. Alter notifications.php to status.php to get an RSS feed of your status updates.

4. Now, visit and set up an account.

5. Enter your feed name and URL

6. From the available services to link to, select Twitter

7. Enter your Twitter login details and select “Create Service”

8. And that it would appear is that.

Your Twitter feed will now periodically check for new statuses from Facebook and update your Twitter status accordingly.

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  1. I tried this and twitterfeed doesn’t recognise the feed name:
    “We couldn’t parse this feed, please check URL and/or feed content are valid”

    It works if I leave it as notifications.php

    any ideas?

  2. Hi Ollie,

    Sadly you are not the only person who encountered this error following on from the blog post.

    After some experimenting and research, it would seem that whilst this functionality once worked for all accounts, it’s now hit and miss – sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

    With Facebook seemingly wanting user data to only be accessible within Facebook, they stopped this functionality working for newer accounts, whilst older accounts still work!

    There is a discussion about it here:

    If you do find an answer, be sure to let me know.

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