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30th March 2011 |  Written by

Google Street View Takes In The Colosseum

As predicted by myself in the blog post about the Google Art Project, Google have extended Street View to allow you to browse famous global landmarks. Given I cited the Colosseum as one of their next projects, I’d say that’s pretty astute.

By using the Google Street Trike they have been able to get to places that would be otherwise inaccessible.

Focusing primarily on Italy, you can now take in the interiors of The Colosseum and Palatine Hill in Rome as well as taking a stroll up the no.1 original Roman road, Appian Way (which I imagine was partly if not completely responsible for the phrase “all roads lead to Rome”).

Beyond Rome you can also take in amphitheatres in Pompeii and architecture in Florence as well as popping over to France and taking a stroll around the grounds of Chateau Fontainebleau.

Am still waiting for Machu Picchu and The Grand Canyon, but for now, the Colosseum is a good place to start, particularly as you don’t get mithered by street sellers outside trying to tout their tat on you:

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