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9th May 2011 |  Written by

Google Do Mr Men Logos To Celebrate Roger Hargreaves’ Birthday

To celebrate what would’ve been Roger Hargreaves’ 76th Birthday, Google have done not 1 but 16 logos based on the Mr Men characters he created.

What is interesting about this particular logo is

a) there are 16 of them, which would appear to be the most Google have done for one celebration – certainly whilst I’ve been keeping track with the logo design archive.

b) they would appear to be worldwide and here was me thinking Mr Men were just a part of a British kid’s childhood.

The Mr Bump is probably my favourite one:


Little Miss Chatterbox


Little Miss Curious

Little Miss Magic

Mr Uppity & Little Miss Naughty

Little Miss Shy at a Mr Man party

Little Miss Sunshine

Mr Small

Mr Bump

Mr Dizzy

Mr Forgetful

Mr Funny

Mr Happy

Mr Messy

Mr Rush

Mr Slow

Mr Tickle

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