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27th April 2009 |  Written by

Google Analytics API Released

Tuesday morning in the office, looking through the latest set of Google Analytics data to form part of some of our client reports and we’re all thinking the same thing:

“Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a way to sort this data to provide only what we need for our client reports, in a format that would be simple to incorporate and cut down on the time we need to spend in Excel.  We’d love an API for Analytics.”

Fast forward to Wednesday morning, as if the big G had read our thoughts (that can be the subject for a future blog post), the news we had been hoping for arrived.  Google releases an API for Analytics!

I’ll admit this has scared me slightly and will do nothing to quell conspiracy theories about how much Google knows about, well, everything.  However, it’s also exciting that there is now a new tool that should further open up web analytics to more people and potentially streamline the reporting process for digital marketers everywhere. 

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