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24th September 2009 |  Written by

Funny Facebook Cartoon For Social Media Types!

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Just seen a really funny cartoon on a social media blog


Today we, well Dave, has written our own post about being quite high up in the list of Manchester tweeters and having around 1000 followers which in Twitter is quite small, which to be honest was all a bit of fun. But this cartoon cracks me up – The sentiment…I have 1000 Facebook friends but how many would lend you a fiver…? You know the answer, probably about 3 of them!

This is actually a major factor of any Social Media campaign, but more about that in another post. For today, just enjoy the cartoon!

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  1. Thanks. this was funny. I probably have 10 online friends that would lone me a five

  2. 😀 I have a few people who should see this.

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