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8th June 2011 |  Written by

Find your face mate using facial recognition tools!

I was reading the Metro Newspaper today and on the Front page of the newspaper was the headline “Facebook Knows what you look like…and now it’s hunting for photos of you”. I’m sure most of us value our privacy but Social media giant, Facebook has already viloated that in so many ways, and this is just another way in which they are doing that. I’ll certainly be looking for ways to opt out of this one!

Going back to Facebook, with all this commotion around their face recognition tools, I looked more into this and have found a few nifty tools and apps that may be of interest to some of you: have a range of different tools that you can use:’s face Recognition API offers a platform to developers for developing their own face recognition tools.
Photo Finder – you can use this tool to find lost photos of you and even your friends on Facebook. You may even come across some pictures that you were never aware of!
Celebrity Finder – you can use this to locate publicly available photos of your favourite celebrities on Twitter.

We then have – this tool allows you to search for people who have similar facial features to yours. All you have to do is upload a photo of yourself and the tool will start searching its database for a match.

Just for fun, I uploaded a picture of a cartoon to see if it could recognise that as a face. Fortunately, the face recognition tool is very much advanced and can detect that a cartoon is not an image of an actual face!

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  1. Hi Samina, I found your post very interesting since I have tried all the tools you have mentioned. Some of them do have good features, others do not provide what you are promised though. That’s why I thought you might like to try a new one. It uses facial recognition to compare two people’s traits. It is obviously based on the fact that our facial features give a hint to what is inside and through comparing these things tells you how good or long your relationship is likely to be.

    I use it privately to upload and compare pics of me and guys I like (<:D) or sometimes I play with photos of celebrities, but it also allows you to match with other people on the site who have published a public photo. Anyway, it's cool even tho it didn't give me a good match with Vin Diesel (oh well, it is not meant to be). And it does it immediately so no need to wait for them to contact you or fill in questions etc. Also like I said you have an option to put one private and one public photo so it respects your privacy 😉

    I have put it in the field 'website' when Im leaving this comment. Otherwise its on Fb and twitter – @Soul2Match

  2. thanks for your comments on this…I’m glad you found the post interesting

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