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19th May 2010 |  Written by

Facebook Marketing On Steroids – Slides

Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking at SMX Advanced London, a gathering of some of the top minds in the digital marketing world on subjects like SEO, PPC and Social Media. The panel was lively to say the least and some great tips were shared. Below is the presentation if you missed it!

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  1. Thank you, I’m new to SEO and this presentation certainly afirms some facts I have been learning and practising! Thank you.

  2. Glad you found it helpful!

  3. Just came across this via Econsultancy. Some nice little tips in those slides Guy. Thanks.

  4. Thanks Matt – glad you found it helpful.

  5. I remain unconvinced. The three ads I’m seeing on my wall right now are discounts on entry to the hottest clubs, a free mobile and an offer for a commemorative coin featuring Winston Churchill. Facebook knows enough about me from my profile to know that two of those three are miles off the mark and the mobile is, charitably, an example of scatter-gun.

  6. Hi Nigel, this is a great point. However, the issue is not with Facebook, the issue is with the advertiser who set up the adverts. At the moment, the Facebook inventory is cheap so people are buying it left right and centre. Therefore they are choosing to advertise to pretty much anyone and getting their messages way off target. However, if you do it properly you can target really well even down to just 1 or 2 people.

    Its a bit like saying that Cadbury’s gorilla advert was rubbish, so tv advertising is rubbish, when in reality its the message and not the media. (I do agree however that Facebook knows much more about you than your TV set!)

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