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23rd February 2012 |  Written by

Enhanced Ad Sitelinks

Site link ad extensions have been around for a good while now which we wrote a blog about back in March 2010! Site links have proved to have a number of improvements when you ads qualify, with the most obvious being click through rate with a higher visibility and more important improved conversion rates.

This week Google rolled out ‘Enhanced Ad Sitelinks’ with the full blog post here. This new feature is very similar to the text that appears under the organic sitelinks.

For the additional text to appear your ads must already be eligible for sitelinks and you must have active ads within your account that relate to the sitelink.

Google have used the following example:

Say you’ve created sitelinks for your pizza restaurant campaign, and your ad displays sitelinks as shown here:

Now, let’s say your account also includes the following text ads:

With this enhancement, your ad could now look like this:

After running tests Google have reported further click through rate increases. We will be running some of our own tests by editing some of our ads, and similar to the original sitelinks we will be expecting further increased conversion rates.

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