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12th May 2008 |  Written by

Critical SEO Success Factor

As you might be able to tell from the recent blog postings about link building, it is extremely important. In fact, many think it is the trump card for many an effective SEO Company. While it is possible to buy links, this posting is dedicated to generating your own bona fide incoming links.

1. Write something useful on your site. Many people like lists. Top 10 SEO Companies, Top 100 ways of writing website content etc.
2. Submit an online press release – you can do this from websites such as PRWeb.
3. Social bookmark a page on your site through Digg, Stumbleupon or, or better still, get someone else to book mark you!
4. Write something for someone else’s site and include an about the author paragraph at the end of the article.
5. Add your site to a paid directory, such as the Yahoo directory.
6. Get a link from your trade association website.
7. Join a forum for your industry and write a signature which links to your website.
8. Join an online network such as Ecademy, writing blogs and profiles which has links to your site.
9. Create your own blog.
10. What would you like no. 10 to be? Leave a comment!

The future is link building – I’ve seen it.

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