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25th June 2008 |  Written by

Always test

I was speaking at a meeting last week for a group of people who were at the top of their game and industry. Their business was aimed at the consumer, probably locally based and the market is hot.

The first revelation of the meeting was showing them Google analytics! Most of the people in the room had not seen it before and put it this way, there were Ferraris in the car park so these people were not stupid!

Online, things need testing, and that’s half the benefit of the internet. Sites can be tracked and changed and tweaked and measured all the time. One of the most important factors is creating some key performance indicators to set as a base line, and then try to beat them.

I would suggest an initial set of KPI’s are; Number of visitors to the site per month, and number of enquiries from the site.

Armed with this info, which can all be tracked through Google analytics, the tweaking and testing can start.

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