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2nd December 2009 |  Written by

A PPC/SEO Workshop For A Client…With Video

We have been working with a software development and support company, MSM Software for over a year now. As the company is really looking to expand over the next few years we all decided that a day spent on strategy was called for. Call in Thomas & Richard from MSM and Dave, Phil and myself from WMA. The results are not pretty!


Laptops, papers and sandwich bags everywhere!

To cut a long story short, we executed a complete PPC audit, going through keywords, adverts, landing pages and budgets and then aligned the results with the companies short, medium and long term strategy. We then moved onto SEO and build a solid and all encompassing strategy.

This is what Thomas, the MD had to say about the day.

If you would like this kind of day for your company, make contact with us. They are essential to any digital strategy.

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